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How we do back to school…

Back to school means splurging on discounted school supplies, getting back on a rigid schedule, and having that bittersweet feeling we all get at the first day of drop-off. Back to school was also the time I used to hide my face inside my shirt and run around with a bottle of Lysol spraying everything, everywhere inside my home. Doorknobs, bed-sheets, sofa cushions, remotes, my kid, even the hubby got caught up in my crazy compulsions. The moment I heard either one of them coughing, I was determined I would not allow myself to get sick. However, no matter how much I washed, cleaned and sanitized, we would all fall prey to the back to school germs.

Fast forward to this year, we now have Ethan in his second year of preschool and a one year old at home. During car line pickup I noticed Ethan, in all of his wonderful innocence, loving on his little brother as soon as the car doors opened. Not two weeks into school, I had my baby coming down with the sniffles. Not long after that, my husband and I were starting to feel a sore throat coming on, meanwhile, little Ethan has been walking around with a hop to his skip, all happy and healthy. Naturally, one would think I should have my face-in-shirt and Lysol-in-hand defense position ready. (Can you imagine how ridiculous I looked doing so? I have!) However, this time I found a healthier, safer, and natural way to up our immunities. 

I always had an interest in essential oils and their “magical power”. Turns out it’s the power of basic science that makes essential oils so effective. Essential oils are natural as they are extracted and distilled from plants. Pure oils are safe as they can communicate with the body to address root causes, without building resistance, and can cross the lipid bilayer at the cellular lever to combat even viral threats. They allow their users a peace of mind and serve as an enhancement of physical and emotional health without the side effects that accompany the modern approach. For these reasons, and many more, I couldn’t help but to join the dōTERRA community of essential oil users.

With pre-diluted oils made especially for babies and young children, doTERRA made it easy for this mama to make back to school a breeze. No more hiding from school germs, instead we have been able to keep them away by using the special blends in the children’s oil kit to keep my boys healthy – naturally. Simply applying Stronger (similar to the popular On Guard blend) down Ethan’s and the baby’s neck and back everyday before school and before bed, we have been able to prevent both boys from getting sick even though they continue to share germs – I mean LOVE each other… 

Not only do we love Stronger but also have learned to incorporate the other wonderful blends into our daily routine. Along with the protective blend, Ethan enjoys applying Thinker every morning on his temples to help him focus his mind while he is at school. He’s even gotten several compliments of smelling great from his friends. I also love carrying Rescuer (the blue soothing blend) for any sudden aches and pains, not only for them but, for me as well. Lately, Ethan has been having growing leg pains, the baby as he learns to walk has bumps from falling down and even I, with just tension on my own shoulders and neck, a simply application has definitely rescued us from long hours of unnecessary aching. My two favorites to use with the baby are Calmer (the purple restful bend) and Steady (the green grounding blend) as he tends to be living with FOMO (fear of missing out). He fights for hours just to nap and when bedtime rolls around, he starts playing and laughing from pure exhaustion. Some Calmer on the bottom of his feet and on his little wrists and Steady on the back of his ears helps tremendously to relax my little one and to be on his way to restful sleep, giving us all a peace of mind.  

**BONUS** yay!

Probably the best protective blend yet – with FLOOM, I no longer have to worry about being on the look out for a cough or a sneeze, and I definitely don’t need to have my Lysol ready either. It is a magnificent blend of powerful Frankincense, cleansing Lemon, protective On Guard, antiviral Oregano and antibacterial Melaleuca. Equal parts of each, topped off with your choice of carrier oil gives you a pocket-sized intense immune support. I rub some of this FLOOM magic down the neck and the back of the ears on my husband and myself and I kid you not, this stuff really works. Erick goes from having a scratchy throat and potential ear aches to being completely better within just 20 minutes. And I don’t take any chances, instead of hiding from the germs they all love sharing, I just apply some FLOOM on myself and my oils take care of the rest. I can proudly say I am five months strong, without getting sick. As a stay at home mother, I cannot afford to go down with the flu or to call out. I need to make sure I am taking the necessary steps to protect myself and my family. I appreciate that doTERRA has made this a reality for us and I can rest assured  that I am not adding toxic chemicals to our bodies or to the air we breathe in order to protect our immune systems. 

Well guys, I loved sharing a little of what we do. Please stay tune for the next blog on what oils I like using in my diffuser to keep the air clean and set the right mood at home.

As always, have a wonderful day!

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Survival Mode

Hello Everyone!

Boy has it been a tough five months! Since New Year’s Eve, I can assure you I have been the test subject in some divine scientific experiment on how long a human can go without decent sleep hours. My youngest child has definitely pushed me to my parenting limits in ways my oldest never did. I have been struggling with reoccurring double ear infections, cluster feeding, sleep regression, a growth spurt and four new teeth (a total of six now). And that’s just one kiddo!

My first one also has had his share of pushing buttons, as of late. Between trying to keep him active, maintaining my daily schedule and keeping up with preschool, I have become a steaming hot mess. Thank God for Netflix. Oh, yes, go ahead and judge me, I dare you! I am just so happy that my little one has finally started to pay attention too so I can leave them both watching funny kid movies while cleaning up my seemingly, never-ceasing, ever-growing mess I call home.

Not all is bad news, I mean there’s always something negative to focus on, right? Remember that fitness journey I said I wouldn’t be documenting every step of the way? Well, back in January, I was given a free two-week trial to an online workout program. After the trial and a lot of thought, I decided to give it a real chance and start giving myself the care I deserved. Although it was hard because it had been a long while since the last time I exercised (about a year), I managed to make it 40 days into my first program, lost three pounds and imagined myself skinnier. However, this was not encouragement enough to keep me going. In fact, I had given up about three times the last two weeks until I finally convinced myself that my kids were on a mission to keep me fat. One hour sessions were turning into two hours of trying to work out with a fussy baby who demanded nursing when he was supposed to be sleeping. For those skeptics, I had tried working out at 9:30 am after Ethan went off to school, at 5pm while making dinner and the most realistic timing 11:45pm after the baby finally stopped chewing on my ( . ) ( . ) … ugh, seriously I was just plain miserable.

Wait! I thought this was a positive reflection?

Oh! Yes, right. UMMM so where was I? Miserable… yes, I was completely miserable and even tried to sacrifice working out for a few hours of sleep but that too was a complete failure. It seemed like anytime my head touched the pillow and imagined a beautiful night of blissful sleep, my angelic infant sensed it in his soul to fuss and make me more depressed and sleep deprived. All until a few friends suggested a popular gym nearby that offers childcare. Although only four weeks long and three weeks in, I can positively say I have died in every single workout, have felt the motivation to show up every time and can happily say I am down a little over ten pounds from the original weigh in. I feel weaker every time I walk in through those doors, but surprise myself with how much I actually accomplish in just 45 minutes of an intense workout. It’s true I don’t feel stronger at all, but I also cannot deny the progress I have made in such a short time (no matter how small). At the end of next week, I have another focus meeting to determine how much body fat I have lost (if any) and if I have to tweak my nutrition, which I am sure will need assistance.

As fun and amazing as this gym is, however, I feel ready to tackle the home workouts again, mainly so I don’t have to bribe my kids to get dressed and leave this house every day. Though, when we do have the chance to go outside to a park, they have been filled with pure sunshine and calm fun. Check out this photo of the boys on this amazing circular rope swing that I will totally be getting for our future home…

That was just a slice of what I have been dealing with and the reason why I have not been able to post with the desired frequency. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to post again once this kid settles again into a decent sleep schedule. I have read two more books and plan to leave reviews for them along with two more exciting pieces I will like to post sooner than later.

As always have a beautiful day ❤️