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Hello, Hello!

I am feeling excited today as I feel free…

Free from my past, free from my thoughts and free in my soul.

I thought about so many things to write about since I haven’t posted since December and of course what great timing to stop posting [sarcasm, ha]. Anyways, I decided instead of battling a thousand suggestive blog ideas in my mind and never getting them down on “paper”, I will actually start writing them and posting them until I got use to writing weekly and/or daily.

There’s no denying that this year has been unexplainably different for all of us. Yet, as my church’s lead Pastor said “we are all in the same storm, but not the same boat”. Boy! That couldn’t be more true! I have to say I am so grateful for the boat I am in. I thought about going month by month of how great and different life has been since the start of the year, but maybe other post will be great for that. I then thought about my word for the year, ABUNDANCE. What a timely and perfect word for the type of year it has been. If you read my past post about how important it is to choose a word to carry you and your family throughout the year, then you will know that I couldn’t settle on just picking one word. Last year we went with courage and intentionality. I wanted to be courageous in doing what was needed to move on in life, and in living my best life possible. More importantly, I prayed about becoming intentional with our serving (volunteer work), with our time, with our money and with our family. But! OF COURSE, 2020 started back in 2019 for us when everything possible could go wrong. Between financial burdens and the testing development of my faith and building of my character, 2019 was indeed the year to become laser focus on becoming courageous and intentional down to the last penny. This year I was determine to “flip the script” and change the narrative. Our word for the year is abundance. Many might think about money when it comes to abundance, and being that 2019 was financially challenging for us, it seems only fitting to want to have financial abundance. However, it was definitely more than meets the pocket, as what I wanted was abundance in confidence, abundance in compassion, abundance in helpfulness (towards others), abundance in love and family, abundance in faith, abundance in understanding and abundance in business.

I struggled with loving and wanting that word because, once again, comparison is the killer of all things good, and it had left a hint of tarty flavor in my heart when I saw a few friends posting their word for the year was “LESS”. My mind went off the mental cliff or down the rabbit hole of hateration “well of course when you have everything you could ask for and more, less is more and less is better”. But I stopped myself from thinking that because I didn’t want to be a hater and I didn’t want to be bitter. I want to be happy for the people around me and for their successes. I want to make sure I’m clapping for them and being happy for them. Not because others will notice, not because my time will come (even though it will) but because I genuinely want to be happy for others, because God’s blessings are for everyone including me and I know that in time we too shall be wanting less… less messes, less drama, less fake friends, less fake supporters, less troubles, and less complaining.

So I looked back at my word for the year and I hugged it out with myself, took a deep breathe and marched forward. I decided that I will catch myself falling into the dark hole of comparison before it does any damage to my mental state. I will stop every negative thought that tries to take over my daily living. I will turn to my Creator instead of turning to people when times got tough. I will be intentional with all that I do with everyone I come across. I will grow and develop no matter what came my way.

Today’s affirmation: “I am abundant in joy, peace and love.”


Thank you for reading, have a blessed day!

~The Cabello Mom

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