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Pantry Clean-up

A year’s worth of messes, recipes ingredients, snack boxes, food cans, opened cereal bags and lots of unhealthy choices can drive a mom bonkers.

How I managed to fit an oversized box filled with baking supplies, a few cleaning solutions, an overload of protein powders, a stash of bounty towels and a whole lot of tomato sauce is completely beyond me.

Looking back at this photo, honestly, I cannot understand how things got so bad. I am usually a very clean and highly organized person and moments like this one reminds me that my OCD is only partial.

However, I was determined to fix this problem and didn’t want it to overwhelm me in the future. After long consideration on how to reorganize my pantry, I finally watched a few episodes of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up in hopes of finding an easy way to clean up the mess my pantry had become.

I was not completely impressed at first because I didn’t want to understand the way she chose to help others clean up. I was expecting her to come into the person’s home and just torch the place. Fresh, clean slate. But, that was not the point of her method. Several episodes in, I realized her intentions were to instill habits of long-term cleanliness, not just temporary solutions.

In a few of her episodes, I noticed she would bring empty boxes to the person’s home. I thought, “Humm, this is weird. The last thing I want to do while getting rid of stuff is to find more places to store things into.” But you guys! It was all about having a place to put the items you decide to keep. Almost like giving it a rightful home within your home.

So with the help of a few Pinterest pins, I realized this project was a lot smaller than I expected and much easier to complete as well. A quick trip to the dollar store and two days later I was able to see my pantry be transformed. Having separate bins for my toddler’s snacks and baby’s food definitely improved the look, along with taking my pasta shells out of the boxes and putting them into matching plastic containers.

Ex: Instead of hanging the baby food from a plastic bag off the door handle, I used the square bins to keep them readily avilable.

I am proud not only of the way things turned out at the end but that even after weeks of shopping and adding to the pantry, it has remained fairly organized. Additionally, I was able to set up a large white basket with pre-assembled snack bags for my son to grab on his own before we head out. I removed the big box of baking supplies and I am still fussing over how to store it properly, but at least it’s not on the pantry floor disturbing my peace.

Still not the most healthy looking pantry but at least we have food to eat and it’s pretty to look at πŸ™‚

I’ve pretty much been able to do this kind of organizing to my personal closet, my dresser, and the boys’ playroom. Now if I could manage a way to organize my craft corner and keep my kitchen counter from overflowing with junk that would be divine and would remove unnecessary stresses in my life.

But one can only dream πŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’­

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