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Book Review: Investing QuickStart Guide

I was given the opportunity to review a book titled Investing QuickStart Guide written by Ted D. Snow. I want to thank Ben for making it possible for me to receive a copy of this book.

I will start with being completely honest… investing? ehh thanks but no thanks. A whole chapter book on investing?? NO WAY! That was my mentality for most of my teen years and young adult life. Anything that had to do with money, business, economics, in general, was the greatest of bores for me. I figured if I just ignored it long enough, it would disappear… just like everything else in life AM I RIGHT??? WRONG!!

Until one day not too long ago, the hubby started a conversation about his interest in investing. We were already preparing to dive deeper into real estate which I faintly understood to be some form of investment, but knew absolutely nothing about. Then it came to me… I am usually really good at knowing a little about everything and I am the type of person that once something grabs my attention, I throw myself at it. But, see, investing was a topic I knew absolutely NOTHING about because I have been avoiding it for so long.

I came across the opportunity to receive a book on investing and I thought wow! This is my chance to learn about this GREAT GET RICH QUICK IDEA everyone keeps yapping about. A week later I have this book in my mailbox and I am thinking… what did I get myself into?

Let me just tell you right now if you were avoiding learning about this “extremely, confusing and complicated topic” and found yourself completely (let me just say it…) ignorant on anything investment, go grab this book and read it now!

loving all this note taking space!

When you read the front cover, it says “The Simplified Beginner’s Guide …” and I cannot stress how important it was for me that the inside actually matched the information provided on the cover. Whether you are totally new to investing or a seasoned investor, I trust this book will be a great resource for understanding not only the basics but seeing how they translate into real-life scenarios. I appreciate that it was written with the fresh learner in mind without being condescending. Even though the writer is clearly experienced in the topic, he does not rush through nor does he bombard the reader with unnecessary information. The introduction has a simply stated thesis and each point is developed clearly throughout the book.

One of the things I really enjoyed was seeing the dictionary definition of special terms (for learning specifically what it means) and reading a suggested way to see the definition in action. For example, when we are given the definition of what a stock is – a representation of your share of ownership in a corporation – we are also told to think about stocks as a “kind of corporate currency that reflects the belief that its issuing entity will perpetuate itself and justify its value.” (pg.3) It is an out-of-the-dictionary approach to understanding what is being taught.

The writer makes me comfortable with the flow of information given and nothing I don’t completely understand is far from a quick google search (for example, famous people or what do stock splits look like). There are many helpful charts, specific examples, the writer’s notes and takes on the topic at hand and a few words of caution sprinkled throughout the book to further help the reader fully understand what is being explained. The writer smoothly goes from simple points like the several types of treasuries (pg.15) to more complex factors that make up mutual funds (pg.68). He touches on several market indexes along with his take on types of financial advisors. The writer doesn’t shy away from giving some beneficial investment strategies (pg.115) and briefly goes over a few portions on trading (pg. 129). Although there are specific sections in the book dedicated to advising against making fast, impulsive decisions (pg.146) and the importance of keeping a balanced portfolio (pg.144) they are themes that are stressed throughout the entirety of the book. Probably the best part is the free digital resources included in the book, providing lifetime access to investment guides and more.

All in all – this was a great read! It is definitely a book I highly recommend to anyone, both starters, and experienced investors, looking to gain knowledge on investing for a secure financial future. I can now open my 401K mail and information update letters without fear of not understanding where my money is being invested. I can read and comprehend the decisions being explained to me and now can take proper actions if need be. If someone like me, previously completely ignorant and indifferent to the topic, can be fully and correctly informed to the point to flip my interest and actually make me want to invest, you know it is worth the read.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. You can find more information about the book and order your copy from Amazon using this link:

As always have a wonderful day ❤︎

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