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Hello everyone!

I have a poinsettia that I took on our 16-hour U-Haul trip from New York to North Carolina. It surprisingly survived the awful journey with just one broken branch out of the three it had. I said to myself I wasn’t going to quit this plant mama thing I had going on and was determined to have this plant survive. I quickly taped up the broken branch and to my surprise…


Well, it didn’t die, it starting growing and began sprouting new leaves. My heart was full. ❤️

Long story short, I believe it has been a little over a year I’ve had the plant and I was so eager to show off its beautiful red flowers for Christmas. Unfortunately, those bright red leaves never came in. 💔

I have been watering my plant and watching it grow vertically but it seems like the stems just keep on growing and leaves keep falling.

The leaves are a beautiful green but under my kitchen light they look yellow.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix or help my poor little baby stop growing just to die. See, the stems are growing fairly quickly but as the second photo displays, as soon as the leaves fall off, I am left with this long stem with little knobs. The only leaves are the ones up on top of each stem and still no flowers. Just this morning, I was cleaning up the plants, I found that this one had milky latex sap leaking out of the part where the leaves fell off. It broke my heart to read that the sap means the plant has suffered an injury. WHAT!? HOW!!?? Leaves falling off while still green I can only assume is what this plant considered an injury. Regardless, I would love to find out what am I doing wrong and how to help this plant thrive. An article I read said to cut below the flowering stems and replant but I am afraid of killing my plant after having it survive all this time.

Please share any tips you may have on keeping poinsettias alive and happy.

As always, don’t forget to enjoy your life today.

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