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Empty Wall

Good Afternoon!

Today everyone was up and ready to start the day early. Start the day in our living room that is. Cleared up the many pillows we like having on our couch, swept the floors, kissed the hubby goodbye and organized a few boxes still left to unpack. We have been in our new home since mid-January this year. And many might say Sheesh! It is almost a year and still, you have boxes? Why, yessir! We do! As the theme of this blog goes, we are learning to enjoy LIFE one day at a time. Sometimes that means leaving off certain boxes to the very end lol. So with bowls filled with cereal and Christmas carols blasting through the tv, I decided that I will finally decorate one of the walls in our apartment. It stands right behind our dining table, it’s big and it’s plain!

Note: Ethan’s very own decorated Christmas tree

See what I mean? Now, I have debated whether to just add photos to this wall or to decorate it like some moms I know have done. But as crafty as I am, I hate to admit I am not so creative or knowledgeable of different decorating styles. Yikes! So now what to do? Well, the Christmas season is here YAY! and I had an idea for the wall. About two years ago I started making personalized Christmas stockings for every member of our extended family. Yes… you read right, all of them! Even their PETS! Hey! I was bored… cut me some slack. Plus it had to do with a little tradition I wanted to start with my own family just as my mom had done with us (Awwwww mushy face)

If you would like to order this gift idea, check out the link below:

So I have about 20 of these adorable Christmas stockings and have a few more to make as the family just keeps growing. Now since this year, we won’t be putting up a big tree, I thought “Why not put these stockings up?” on the aforementioned wall. I am thinking of hanging them on gold crochet thread with golden or silver jiggle bells in between the stockings. Pinning up the thread to form a cute design on the wall and calling it a day. Maybe later add some battery powered lights to make it a warm ambiance. An updated picture of that mini project will be posted next week.

I’m off to washing dishes and trying out my new crockpot (honey ham here I come!)

Let me know below what ideas you have for empty walls in your home.  ♥️

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